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become a professional organizer bookThinking about becoming a professional organizer? Then you’ll LOVE this book! BORN TO ORGANIZE: Everything You Need to Know About a Career as a Professional Organizer Written by veteran organizer Sara Pedersen, this 108-page book will answer all your questions about this amazing career and guide you through the process of starting your own organizing business.

Choose either a PDF download or soft-cover book to be shipped to you. This book is designed to give prospective and new professional organizers the inside scoop on today’s organizing industry. Its easy-to-read style will answer all your questions about this amazing career, from expectations, to skills needed, to a typical day in the life an organizer. It guides you through the process of starting your own organizing business, teaching you fundamental lessons and clarifying expectations.

As you read this book, you’ll:

  • Review talent, skill, & education recommendations
  • Set salary & time commitment expectations
  • Discover dozens of organizing specialties Understand your clients’ clutter tendencies
  • Walk through a typical client assessment & organizing session
  • Learn affordable, business-boosting marketing ideas
  • Get the inside scoop on personal & business safety
  • Identify a variety of small business resources
  • Uncover donation resources for your clients’ cast-offs
  • Give yourself an advantage over other new organizers


The book also includes: stores that carry great organizing products donation resources small business resources sample documents, including press releases, announcement letter, basic assessment form, coupons, and more.

The book can be sent to you as a downloadable PDF (saving you money and time!) You will receive the PDF book via e-mail the same day you place your order. Or, you can have a soft-cover book shipped to your home or office (United States only, please) You are moments away from learning the inside scoop on this wonderful, flexible, rewarding career.

Click the button below to order now! Sara has been coaching new and prospective organizers for more than eight years. She gathered all their questions and created this awesome book to guide you through the process of starting your own organizing business. You will LOVE it!

P.S. The BCPO® (Board of Certified Professional Organizers) has included this book on the Suggested Resources list for candidates studying for the CPO® exam! 

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Would you like a little one-on-one coaching time in addition to the book? The “Rent-a-Coach” Combo is your best bet! You’ll receive the fabulous Born to Organize e-book, the Learn to Organize e-book, plus a 30-minute phone consultation with the author! Read through the manual, absorb the information, then schedule your phone consult to discuss your specific questions about becoming a professional organizer!


born to organize table of contents

EXPLORING PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZING AS A CAREER — takes a beginning look at what it takes to be an organizer…including: What Makes a Great Professional Organizer? Defining a Professional Organizer Skill Building Educational Resources Certification Joining NAPO Pros and Cons of Professional Organizing Organizing Specialities Time Commitment Expectations

GETTING YOUR BUSINESS IN ORDER — guides you through the nuts and bolts of setting up your business structure…including: Start-Up Costs; Record-Keeping; Insurance; Setting Your Fee; Other Income Sources; Choosing a Business Entity; Choosing a Company Name; If You Don’t Want To Be The Boss

WORKING WITH CLIENTS — describes what it is like to work with a client, from the first moment to the completion of an appointment…including: Purchasing Organizing Products; Preparing Your Take-Along Bag; Your First Contact With Clients: The Phone Call; The Client Contract Assessments: Connecting With Clients; Your Professional Image; The In-Person Organizing Session; Disposal Options; Wrapping Up; Payment; Follow-Up; When The Client Isn’t There; Client Clutter Causes; Tricky Client Scenarios; Hoarding and Shopping Addictions; Physical Safety Tips For Professional Organizers; Providing Stellar Customer Service

MARKETING YOUR BUSINESS — guides you through some exercises to help you start deciding on the most effective marketing strategies… including: Marketing Myths; Marketing Best Bets; Phone Book Listings vs. Websites; Speaking Engagements; Expos and Trade Shows; Free Media Coverage in Newspapers; Writing a Press Release; 50 Ideas To Market Your Business; Testimonials and References; Marketing Conclusion

APPENDIX A: FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS — answers your top questions about the field of professional organizing

APPENDIX B: SMALL BUSINESS RESOURCES — offers a list of networking and professional organizations that help new entrepreneurs get started…including: Small Business Resources; National Organizing Holidays; Organizing Product Stores; Donation Resources; NAPO Chapters

APPENDIX C: MARKETING TIP SHEETS — provides the following tools: Sample Press Releases; Sample Announcement Letter; Sample Basic Assessment Form; Sample Marketing Timeline; Sample Coupons and Invoice; 8-Week Business Jump-Start Plan

CONCLUSION — Final Thoughts; Also Available From Time to Organize; Inspiring Words; About the Author; Notes


Sara Pedersen’s book “Born to Organize”  was my first purchase on the road to becoming a professional organizer.  Sara’s book was easy to read, gave great information and was very reasonably priced. I have since purchased many of her other marketing products such as Facebook Groovy Graphics and Posts on Demand and client organizing forms. Her information is very useful and timely and I love the marketing tools she offers. Thanks Sara!

— Becky Sameck, Absolutely Organized LLC, Lake Orion, MI

This book by Sara Pedersen is very easy to follow, extremely well organized, and full of lots of extras. She explains the Professional Organization career with both the pros and cons so anyone planning to pursue this can make a well informed decision about the “fit” as a career. The chapter on “Getting Your Business in Order” is especially helpful in starting out so you can be sure you are keeping the proper records, charge a fair price, and are realistic about how long it may take to make it profitable. “Working With Clients” is a great reality check for the possible situations you may encounter that would never occur to the average person. She has great ideas for marketing that have been well tested for success, and her step-by-step proceess for starting your business is logical and easy to follow. One of the most useful “extras” is the appendix with all the resources. Even if you just wanted to get yourself organized, these would be very helpful. Overall, a very good book for starting a career in this most interesting field!

— Paula Driessen, Organized Style LLC, Andover, MN

I just bought your book “Born to Organize.” You are now my “Oprah of organizing.” Thank you for the clear and easy-to-follow information. You have streamlined the information for me so that I can easily define a path for myself to follow. I could not be more grateful!

—  Terry H Blakeman

Starting a new business is a giant step.  Anyone considering a business as a Professional Organizer would be wise to read this book. It brings to light so many different categories of things to consider and know about whether you are in the decision process or you have started your business. Reading this book will give you a huge jump ahead. Some people will spend months learning what you will learn in one day!

— Kristin Dery, Rearrangement, Inc. Mahtomedi, MN

Sara Pedersen’s new book, Born to Organize, is an excellent revision of her first edition. She includes all of the excellent elements of her first book, but she has included other special sections, too, giving the new professional organizer even more confidence and critical information as they embark on a new career. I have used this book extensively in planning many aspects of my own professional organizing career. Her detailed information about start-up considerations, such as determining your specialty, setting a fee, and understanding basic company entity information is very useful. Her section on working with clients is excellent and thorough. Her information on marketing gives newer organizers the confidence to get started.  Sara “debunks” several marketing myths, which is helpful for people who may or may not have experience in aspects of this critical area of small business start-up. Sara provides sample press releases, and other sample forms, all which are helpful. Overall, this book is a “must have” for any new or prospective professional organizer. Even seasoned professional organizers will gain new perspective on many aspects of this career. Sara’s attention to detail, her helpful tips, personal examples, and realistic understanding of what it takes to make it as a professional organizer are all wonderful attributes of this book.

— Melanie Unger, Organized Inspirations, LLC, Columbus, Ohio

Thanks for sending your book so promptly!  You’ve done a fabulous job of putting the business in perspective, and making it comprehensive, readable, and do-able. Organizing has always been a huge part of who I am and what I do for people, so it seemed a great choice for me to pursue it professionally. After reading your book I recognize how much more there is to know and do, so I greatly appreciate the completeness of topics in the book, and the recommended reading list you provide.

— Estelle Fox, Solutions!, Minneapolis, MN

I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my organized heart for both your manual and telephone coaching session. Of all the research and classes I have done so far, your manual and guidance are the most helpful & complete. I am a fledgling residential organizer near Dallas, Texas. As I take each step to build my new business, ideas from material I’ve read or heard often pops into my head. I’ll stop and try to remember where the original idea came from. Your manual is the first thing I reach for and more often than not, it has the answer I am seeking! No other resource or class has as much in one place as you do! It was such a steal given how much I value all that you’ve taught me! The organizing world is a better place with you in it!

— Jennifer Sanchez, MBA Organize & Prosper, LLC, Prosper, Texas

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your organizational information and advice. It has become invaluable to me and so very easy to follow. I started my business last January and am booked through April 2008. The business start up was easy for me because of my background, but I was not understanding the actual concept behind it. I needed to keep myself up-to-date on the latest information and make sure I was starting my business the right way. Your intake form and assessment form are incredible. They are exactly what I was missing and will really help me understand my clients better. Again, I greatly appreciate you being out there to guide me along the way.

— Clarke Delp, Clutter Bug LLC, Little Rock, AR


I just received the book today – I’m half way through it and am so pleased I ordered it because it’s different from the other Professional Organizing books I’ve read.  I appreciate your down-to-earth style and contemporary format of the book. It’s packed with information, yet simple enough to read in one sitting. I just love your nothing-to-hide style in the book and I know others will appreciate that as well. I also related to your FAQ page where you answered what prompted you to get into Professional Organizing. I always follow my instinct and feel this is the direction I am supposed to take. I couldn’t be more excited about it! As a new PO, I’d recommend your book to anyone new to the business. Thanks for your inspiration!

— Maureen Dolan, Caledonia, MI

I just downloaded your “Everything You Need to Know About a Career as a Professional Organizer” manual and am devouring it as I write this. It has so much info — it is fabulous. I have to admit I have gotten other manuals and while they were all right, yours has so much more.

— Karen Blazenko, British Columbia, Canada

It’s an easy-to-understand manual for anyone who is interested in learning more about a career as a professional organizer. Sara answers many questions that prospective and new organizers ask and her answers provide good detail in a straight-forward manner. She also offers a great deal of information on marketing tips as well as several how-to tip sheets on other topics. Her friendly, upbeat style keeps you interested and keeps you turning each page to learn more!

— Halina Stefans, Positive Order, LLC

It’s hard to believe how much information is packed into this easy-to-read manual. If you are “on the fence” about joining the profession of organizing, this manual will save you research time by explaining start-up costs, salary expectations and training needed. If you’ve already started with clients, the “Nitty Gritty” business details like customer service, marketing and small business resources will be extremely helpful.

— Lisa Wendt, Past President, National Association of Professional Organizers, MN Chapter

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading (twice so far) “Everything You Need to Know About a Career as a Professional Organizer.” You covered just about everything and included so many wonderful resources. Thanks so much for all of your help, and especially for writing a very helpful and informative manual. I plan to read it several more times.

— Susie Rethman, Prescott, AZ


This manual by Sara Pedersen was just what I needed! I knew I wanted to get into organizing, but was feeling rather lost about where to begin. To learn from someone who has so much experience and enthusiasm for the field put me at ease! Many of my questions on the business were answered, and there were a lot of great tips! As I am progressing with my business, I find myself referring back to the manual quite often. I would highly recommend this manual for anyone considering getting into professional organizing!

— A. K., Elk River, MN

“Everything You Need to Know About a Career as a Professional Organizer” is a great help to anyone researching the field of professional organizing. It gave me a good start as I weighed the pros and cons of switching careers. I especially liked learning about “the day in the life of a professional organizer” and the great tips for working with clients. Also, the marketing tips and “how to” tips were very helpful. All in all, a well-rounded manual for those looking to enter the field of organizing! Well worth the money.

— S. S., Seattle, WA


I had been doing professional organizing work off and on for years with a client base mainly consisting of friends and family. I knew I was in the right field — professional organizing is my calling — but I lacked the skills in how to make my vision become a reality. After a few unsuccessful marketing attempts, I was completely discouraged and ready to give up. Then I discovered Sara’s book, Born to Organize. The fun layout and visual format of this book caught my eye. Looking inside, I immediately connected with Sara’s approach. The content of this book was simple and easy to digest, unlike many of the other overwhelming organizing books on the shelf. It is user-friendly… a book I could understand. Today, I am a proud professional running a successful business as a professional organizer. I could not have done this without this book.

— Ashley Upton Mendes, Island Life Organizer, Nantucket, MA