essential client forms for professional organizers

set of five essential client forms

  • Client Phone Intake Form
  • Client Service Agreement Form
  • Client Assessment Form
  • Client Action Plan Form
  • Client Feedback Survey Form


set of five: two format options

Set of five editable Word documents: $100
You may add your logo and contact info to the forms, and edit content, font, and feel to meet your business needs. (In addition to the Word documents, you will also receive the PDF version of this set at no additional charge.) In addition, each form includes a PDF with tips to help you make the most of each document. Sent to you via e-mail auto-download. BONUS: You’ll also receive the Photo Release Form for free when you order this set!


Set of five non-editable PDFs: $50
These are non-editable PDFs. You may print as many copies as you wish and hand-write to fill in. Non-customizable, and ready-to-use — just order, download, print and go. Easy! These forms have a clean, contemporary, professional look. In addition, each form includes a PDF with tips to help you make the most of each document. Sent to you via e-mail auto-download. A must-have for every professional organizer.

also sold individually as word documents

client phone intake form

If clients are calling but you’re not sealing the deal, maybe you aren’t asking the right questions. Using a client intake form will help! This one-page, 8-1/2 x 11 form will guide you through your first contact with potential clients — the all-important phone call. It prompts you to ask the right questions so you can qualify the client, allowing you to showcase your expertise and empathy so the client feels confident in you as a professional organizer. Take the completed form along on client visits and you’ll have a head-start on assessing the situation. A brilliant, must-have tool for every organizer! Also includes one page of client phone call quick tips! Sent to you in Word format via e-mail.


client service agreement form

A simple — and necessary — way to define expectations is to send a contract before you meet. You can also call it a confirmation form, agreement, or policy statement, but whatever you name it, it meets the same need. It clarifies your policies so there are no misunderstandings regarding important details of your working relationship. Use this quick and ready-to-use one-page generic service agreement form, or create your own service agreement form that is unique to your business and clientele using the tips provided. Sent to you in Word format via e-mail. Please note this is not a lawyer-approved contract. Please check with your own attorney to ensure all essential requirements are met per your individual circumstances.


client assessment form

To be a successful professional organizer, you need to understand your clients’ pain. It starts with a genuine concern for your clients, which leads to the desire to explore their needs, set-backs, limitations, motivators, and more. The best time to learn about these things is during your initial client assessment. Make it easy with this five-page, 8-1/2 x 11 form that will help you ask the right questions and really get to know your clients and their organizing needs. Also included is a two-page tip sheet to guide you through the assessment process. Sent to you in Word format via e-mail.


client action plan form

After your client assessments, it’s a nice touch to leave an action plan with your clients. This three-page, 8-1/2 x 11 form will help you to define your project areas, timeline, goal indicators, and supplies necessary for the job. It’s also a chance for you to outline some action plan steps so you and your clients are clear on the scope of the projects. Also included is a page for maintenance plan recommendations, so you can list steps to help your clients maintain their newly organized spaces. A one-page tip sheet is included to guide you through using this client action plan form. Sent to you in Word format via e-mail.


client feedback survey form

Have you ever wondered what your clients think about you? There’s an easy way to find out — just ask them! Use this simple, one-page, 8-1/2 x 11 client feedback survey, and reap the rewards of better understanding through direct feedback. Once you’ve collected your survey results, take note of the positive responses. Keep it up and use those strengths to sell your services. Don’t feel insecure as you read any negative feedback. These are your areas for thoughtful consideration and improvement and will make your business stronger. If you discover areas for expansion and growth, consider moving in new directions! Gathering customer feedback takes a little effort, but your business will benefit immensely. A one-page tip sheet is included to guide you through using this client survey. Sent to you in Word format via e-mail.


additional short forms

photo release agreement

Would you like to take before and after photos at your clients’ homes or offices? If so, it’s necessary to have a standard written agreement signed by your clients. Whether you intend to use the photos for publicity and marketing purposes, or merely as a point of reference for you and your clients, it’s important to have an agreement form that clarifies expectations and releases liability. This basic, easy-to-understand, one-page, 8-1/2 x 11 form will put both you and your clients at ease. Sent to you in Word and PDF format via e-mail via auto-download.


prospect inquiry tracking sheet

prospect-trackerDo you need a simple way to track client leads? There is space for five client leads on this form, allowing you to quickly jot down basic client contact info. Use this form to assess your client conversation rate at the end of each month, quarter, or year. There is space to mark if the prospect is not interested, curious and would like to be contacted again, or booked a session. This basic, easy-to-use, one-page, 8-1/2 x 11 form will make it a snap to track your prospect leads. Sent to you in Word and PDF format via e-mail via auto-download.


additional client forms for advanced organizers

independent contractor hiring agreement & guide

Adding to your company’s staff is a big step in the life of a small business owner. If you have worked solo up until this point, the realization that you can no longer do it all by yourself is actually a sign of positive business growth! Knowing that there will soon be another person (or team) that will assist with your client load brings a sigh of relief, but also has its own stressors as you figure out how to do it right. This guide offers some helpful insights to explore as your business grows with regards to independent contractors. A three-page sample independent contractor agreement form is included, plus you’ll find a four-page tip sheet to guide you through the process. Sent to you in Word format via e-mail.

(Please note that this is not a comprehensive guide to hiring ICs. Rather, it is a starting point to see if this path might be right for you. Because each situation is unique — and each state/country has its own employment laws — please consult your attorney or business advisor as you move forward.)


upgrade to editable word forms

If you have previously purchased the set of five non-editable PDF forms from Time to Organize, you may upgrade to the editable Word documents for just $50. This includes the five forms originally purchased, plus you’ll receive the Photo Release Form for free! You may add your logo and contact info to the forms, and edit content, font, and feel to meet your business needs. (In addition to the Word documents, you will also receive the updated PDF version of this set at no additional charge.) In addition, each form includes a PDF with tips to help you make the most of each document. Sent to you via e-mail after we verify your original purchase. 


WOW! These documents are fabulous! This purchase will probably prove to be the best $50 I ever spent in my life!
— Sandra O Medrano, My People

 I am very excited to utilize your client forms. You saved me a priceless amount of time. Creating these tools on my own would have been stressful and time consuming, and in the end, I would have still doubted the efficiency.
— Michelle Duthoy, Annapolis, MD

Thanks for the forms Sara, I really appreciate having these. Of all the versions I’ve created of these documents, I like yours the best. Thorough and thoughtful. Thanks for being outstanding!

— Liz Canavan, Alchemy of Order Ltd., Boulder, CO

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your organizational information and advice. It has become invaluable to me and so very easy to follow. Your intake form and assessment form are incredible. They are exactly what I was missing and will really help me understand my clients better. Again, I greatly appreciate you being out there to guide me along the way.

— Clarke Delp, Clutter Bug LLC, Little Rock, AR

Just wanted to thank you for your VERY helpful forms. I received your forms, reworked them to fit my needs, and WA-LA! I had a very success assessment with a new client today! She booked $1000 with me right away. And better yet, she wants to do the whole house, so $1K is just the start of it! I wouldn’t have had the confidence had your assessment form not been so thorough. It was everything I was thinking of putting in there, but had no idea how to construct it. You are quite a handy resource to have in my back pocket! Keep up the terrific work!

— Kimberly LaPorte, Clutter Free Kimberly

I recently signed up for your newsletter and have ordered the Essential Client Form set. I’m just starting my business and find myself at once exhilarated and completely overwhelmed at just how much opportunity is out there. The couple of newsletters I’ve received from you have already given me an incredible amount of guidance and helped me think clearly about how to establish and grow my business. I feel confident and motivated thanks in large part to you and the services you offer. I don’t know how you do it but am so glad you do!

— Elizabeth Wroz, Kamloops, BC

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