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sara cartoonTime to Organize offers ready-to-use, effective, efficient marketing products for professional organizers, including our Facebook Posts on Demand, Easy E-Tips, and Articles on Demand. We also have amazing ready-to-use business development tools, such as the Essential Client Forms, Girls’ Night Out Organizing Workshop Kits, and Business-Boosting Marketing Tip Sheets. Spend your time doing what you love — organizing — and leave the marketing to us!

And if you’re unsure which product(s) would be best for you and your business, please contact Sara. (That’s her cartoon likeness over there on the right side. She’s really knowledgeable and nice, too!) She is happy to give a free phone or e-mail consultation to determine what would be the best fit for your marketing needs and budget. Just call (651) 717-1284 or e-mail by clicking here.

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etips352 easy e-tips

Each short tip is designed to be sent via email to your opt-in database. Just one sweet little paragraph in length, each tip shares easy-to-implement organizing advice. Easy E-Tips allow you to stay in weekly contact with your clients and prospects by giving them quick and easy tips or tasks to move them on the path to an organized life.

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groovy graphics for facebook

Check out this set of 30 Groovy Graphics. Each image contains one short organizing tip that you can pop onto your Facebook page. Each tip is designed to teach a basic organizing skill via a task that can be completed in ten minutes or less! Adorable and helpful, all at the same time.

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Quick-Tip Client Postcards™

This series of 12 organizing postcards is a fun way to reach out to your clients on a monthly basis, plus they are customizable by you! Simply use Microsoft Word or Pages to make them your own. Each postcard includes a “call to action” to invite your client or prospect to contact you for more info or to book an appointment, plus just a few quick tips to pique their interest.

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facebook logoFacebook Posts on Demand™

Many of us think about using Facebook to boost our businesses, but we stall out because we don’t know what to write about. It can be quite a time commitment to come up with interesting updates every month, let alone every week! But now, thanks to Posts on Demand, you can have a year’s worth of Facebook posts right at your fingertips! This unique subscription service lets you showcase your expertise, get the online conversation started, drive traffic back to your website, and educate and entertain your fans.

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girls night out logoGirls’ Night Out Organizing Workshop Kit™

If you’re looking for another income stream besides hands-on organizing, hosting a Girls’ Night Out Organizing Workshop may be just the thing to add to your repertoire of services! Everything you need to market, prepare for, and hold Girls’ Night Out Organizing Workshops is included in your purchase.

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girlArticles on Demand™

Want to create your own newsletter or e-zine but don’t have time to write your own articles? It’s Articles on Demand™ to the rescue! Browse our vast selection of organizing-themed articles, place your order via credit card, and we’ll e-mail you the article. Then, pop the text into your own e-newsletters, handouts, or tip sheets. Add them to your web site in your “tips” section. Or create your own newsletters or postcards. The possibilities are endless. However you choose to use your Articles On Demand™, you’ll find it’s easy to let your personal style and brand shine with professional marketing materials.

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Marketing Tip Sheets

Choose from Facebook for Small Business Owners How-To Guide, Purposeful Website Planning How-To Guide, 50 Bright Ideas to Market Your Small Business Tip Sheet, and Publicity Rocks! How-To Guide, or opt buy the whole series at a discounted price!

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Essential Client Forms

Choose from our Client Phone Intake Form, Comprehensive Assessment Form, Service Agreement Form, Action Plan Form, and Feedback Survey.

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Learn to Organize Book

If you’re a professional organizer looking to streamline your hands-on skills, this comprehensive — yet easy-to-read — book will get you there! A simple, six-step process shares the “how-to” of the actual hands-on organizing process. From creating goals and making a plan, to sorting, decluttering and putting everything in just the right place, you’ll see that smart, successful organizing is within your reach

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book coverBorn to Organize Book

If you’re thinking about becoming a professional organizer (or you’re just starting out), you’ll LOVE this book. Its easy-to-read style will answer all your questions about this amazing career, from expectations, to skills needed, to a typical day in the life an organizer.

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perfectnameThe Perfect Name Planning Guide

Are you ready to create the perfect name for your new company? It can be an intimidating process, but with the help of this handy guide, you will be inspired by the tips and advice to get it right the first time. It includes a fill-in-the-blank planning questionnaire, concise tips that will help you consider your choice client, image and branding, uniqueness, possible negative connotations, availability, domain purchasing and more, and a checklist to make sure the final name you select is perfect in every way.

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You know that you need to market your business on a consistent basis to keep the phone ringing. But what’s the best marketing options for you? There is no one-size-fits-all marketing equation. You need to find methods that fit your personality, target audience, budget, skills, and available time. Take this quick quiz, and discover your Marketing Communications Style. Then, if you’d like to make your marketing super easy, check out our discounted Sampler packages that fit each style. Choose from Social Media Savvy Sampler, Tech Dabbler Sampler, Traditional Sampler, and New Organizer Success Sampler.

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