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Organizing Booklearn to organize:
A Professional Organizer’s Tell-All Guide To Home Organizing

If you’re a homeowner who wants to learn the pros’ insider techniques, this comprehensive — yet easy-to-read — organizing book will get you there!

A simple, six-step process shares the “how-to” of the actual hands-on organizing process. From creating goals and making a plan, to sorting, decluttering and putting everything in just the right place, you’ll see that smart, successful organizing is within your reach.

Written by veteran organizer Sara Pedersen, this book will answer all your questions and help you take any space from a disorganized mess to an organized success!

  • Learn to organize simple spaces like entryways and bathrooms
  • Discover new storage methods for complex areas like kitchens and craft areas
  • Get a handle on paper clutter, filing, and photos
  • Set up a handy household command center
  • Create an efficient system for the family calendar, time, and tasks
  • Maximize space throughout the home
  • View affordable (even eco-friendly!) organizing tools
  • Review maintenance tips to keep the home forever neat

The book can be sent to you as a downloadable e-book (saving you money and time!) You will receive the PDF book via e-mail the same day you place your order. Or, you can have a paperback book shipped to your home or office (United States only.) You are moments away from learning how to organize any space, any time, any where.

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learn to organize TABLE OF CONTENTS

INTRODUCTION — get off on the right foot with solid advice, including…

  • Welcome Message
  • Six Steps to Success Process
  • Before You Start


ORGANIZING SMALL, SIMPLE SPACES — start off with simpler projects for quick success, including…

  • Drawer
  • Entryway
  • Linen Closet
  • Bathroom
  • Laundry Room


ORGANIZING COMPLEX PROJECTS — then move on to more challenging spaces, including… 
  • Bedroom
  • Clothing
  • Toy Area
  • Living Space
  • Kitchen
  • Garage, Attic, or Basement
  • Craft Area
  • Eco-Organizing
  • Time & Schedules


ORGANIZING PAPERWORK & PHOTOS — get papers under control once and for all, with advice on…

  • Home Office
  • Paperwork
  • Household Command Center
  • Photos


CLUTTER & MAINTENANCE TIPS — clarifies how to keep a space maintained and answers your top questions about…

  • How to Keep It Neat
  • Home Maintenance Timeline
  • How to Figure Out If It’s Clutter
  • Frequently Asked Questions


APPENDIX — provides the following tools…

  • A Dozen All-Purpose Organizing Tools
  • Organizing Tools Recommended In This Book
  • Recommended Organizing Supplies
  • Where to Buy Organizing Tools & Supplies
  • Disposal Options
  • Filing Categories


CONCLUSION — concludes with…

  • Organization Inspiration
  • How to Learn More
  • About the Author


Learn to Organize captures in six organized steps what I’ve been trying to figure out all these years. While I have little talent for organizing, this book lays it all out on how to “get it done” with or without help. Lots of organizing books give tips, but Learn to Organize gathers all those tips into easy-to-follow steps for each space in the house. The tips for us “non-pros” will keep you on your schedule!

— Heather Scavo, Woodbury, MN

Learn to Organize guides you through the organization process in easy to follow steps including lists for “quick- toss” (simplifies decision making) and “potential goals” (narrows down options) specific to a project. It also includes necessary supplies and a rough estimate of time necessary to complete the job which assists the professional organizer and homeowner alike in time management. I learned new organizational tips and ideas, and go forward with more confidence to help clients in ALL areas!

— Gretchen K. Hudock, Reorganize Today, LLC

When I looked around my house and saw the disorder I felt like an ostrich. I just wanted to bury my head in the piles and pretend I didn’t see anything. It felt overwhelming. Where would I start?

Sara Pedersen’s book, Learn to Organize, assumes the incredible task of creating order out of chaos in a mere one hundred pages. The book is succinct and very applicable. It’s saturated with practical steps to holistically organize both a home and an office. Sara breaks organizing into manageable segments, starting with small projects and progressing to more involved jobs. In addition to making physical spaces more functional, she problem solves ways to tame paper clutter, create files, suggests time saving measures and troubleshoots common issues.

This approach helps in three ways. First, there is no giant mess to navigate. Second, when some things are organized, the task at large is less intimidating and I have more energy to see it through. Third, her approach teaches principles of organizing through guided projects, so that I can sustain an ordered approach to living.

I’ve tried many approaches to organizing, but they’re all like crash diets that work for a time and then fail. I make a big mess, purge everything and then regret my haste. After spending time working through Sara’s book, I most appreciated how her suggestions helped me to simplify my life in thoughtful ways, by examining what is most important to me and where I spend my time. I can also keep it as a ready reference if I want to revisit a section. Learn to Organize is well worth it.

— Sarah Bergstrom, Shoreview, MN