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Everything went perfectly! We got everything completed and I’m loving it all! My girls were so excited about all the changes we made in their room and it actually feels so much lighter in there having it all in their own places and organized. I loved working with you and Dawnee and will definitely be back if something else ever comes up. I love it and I don’t know why I waited so long. Please let Dawnee know again I am so grateful for her work and helping me with everything; she was absolutely wonderful.

— T.F., Minneapolis, MN

The job you did transforming my living room from dull and cluttered to warm, friendly, and visually appealing is fantastic. The new look of the book shelves is the most stunning feature. Staggering the shelves and the artistic placement of pictures and other accessories on the shelves is something I never would have coordinated myself. It was great working with you. I appreciate your ability to work with my indecisiveness and turn it into the vision I was looking for and couldn’t express.

— K.R., Shoreview, MN

Time to Organize helped me get rid of the piles on my desk with an easy-to-use filing system, organize office space with simple solutions and we had fun in the process! I really appreciate the professional approach to resolving some of my problems. At another time, Time to Organize helped me deal with my mother-in-law’s transition from her home to an assisted living apartment. This process of making decisions was made efficient while giving me the support I needed during this big and stressful job. Sara is awesome!

— J.K., North Oaks, Minnesota

Everything was wonderful! I am amazed at how much we accomplished, and it was everything I was expecting and MORE!! I am so, so, SO impressed. We did, we finished it all. The time went by fast and got a lot accomplished and I’m loving! Dawnee exceeded my expectations! She definitely knows what she’s doing and her ideas are amazing! I’d love to have her come back to help with a couple other areas soon.

— T.F., St Paul, Minnesota

Sara organized both my work office and paperwork in my home. She is so efficient and thorough! It is hard for me to part with things sometimes, but she sat with me the whole time and made it really simple. I didn’t feel any pressure or remorse for pitching things, but she created a system that is so well-organized and easy to keep up. It has changed my life!! I can’t recommend her highly enough. You deserve to be organized!

— A.O., Shoreview, Minnesota

My garage needed to be purged and organized. Sara suggested buying a dumpster bag from Home Depot. It worked great. We filled the dumpster bag with old, forgotten and broken items from the garage. She organized the garage to have separate areas for gardening, pesticides, etc. The garage looks great and I have plenty of room for my car.

— S.P., South St Paul, Minnesota

Thank you for your help today. What a difference it made! I continued on until about 4:00 and made great progress. I even found Allison’s DS that’s been missing since summer! The girls loved their new, clean, organized playroom so much they played in it all night and cleaned up (with our encouragement and oversight) afterward. I think the tidy-up time will be key for us in maintaining the organization. They both tried to stash a few things in the little nooks and crannies instead of putting them away but with us being in the room, we were able to help them make better decisions. We plan on tackling their bedroom tomorrow.

— N.L., Ramsey, Minnesota

It is a joy to work with Sara! With her help, I can accomplish things in a short amount of time that I have tried and failed many, many times. She knows how to modify systems to work with my lifestyle, and knows how to get rid of things I don’t want anymore. Not only does she understand how to organize well, but she has a very artistic sense about how to arrange furniture and bookshelves.

— C.A., Minneapolis, Minnesota

Thank you, thank you for ALL you did! It feels amazing to walk into my office now. I really didn’t want to keep all that paper — I just couldn’t figure out how to keep up with it. Thank you for your patience. We plowed through a lot. You truly have a gift!

— A.O., Shoreview, Minnesota

I was feeling overwhelmed and desperate about my messy, disorganized house when I was lucky enough to find one of Sara’s business cards. She was wonderful to work with: enthusiastic, positive, and with great ideas for organizing things so that once the house was clean, it’s much easier to maintain. She is a great motivator!

S.B., Hudson, Wisconsin


My closet is still extremely organized after a number of months, and it’s very much working for me. I just can’t thank you enough. It’s really a freeing kind of thing. You were really easy to work with…you don’t act like you’re above the people you work with and you don’t make your clients feel bad. You’re so easy to talk to!

— A.F., Eden Prairie, Minnesota


Sara spoke to my church circle of 25 women. What a wealth of information she is regarding organizing the kitchen, home office, children’s rooms, etc. Her ideas were creative, yet not difficult to put to use. I found Sara very friendly and helpful, and I enjoyed working with her.

— M. M., Edina, Minnesota


Everything is so much easier to find. Your ideas for organizing my office really have helped immensely!

— S. L., Edina, Minnesota


Thank you so much for the gift you share — this whole process has been so emotionally and spiritually powerful. I am glad for your companionship on this part of my journey… It is energizing to see the beautiful space.

—P. P., Roseville, Minnesota


After organizing our home office, it now feels like we are stepping out of the dark and into the light when we enter that room!

— B. S., Maplewood, Minnesota