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10-Minute tidy-up tasks organizing cards 

This little deck of cards will guide you through 30 days of teeny-tiny tasks that will get you on the path to an organized home. Do one per day. Each one is designed to teach a basic organizing skill in ten minutes or less. This colorful, whimsical, 30-card deck provides six tasks for each of the five different skill categories. Since each task takes only ten minutes to complete, they are a non-intimidating way to jump-start your goal to get organized.


LearnToOrganizeCoverlearn to organize how-to book

If you’re a homeowner who wants to learn the pros’ insider techniques, this comprehensive — yet easy-to-read — organizing book will get you there! A simple, six-step process shares the “how-to” of the actual hands-on organizing process. From creating goals and making a plan to sorting, decluttering and putting everything in just the right place, you’ll see that smart, successful organizing is within your reach.

off you go
success cards

Get your soon-to-be high school graduate ready to leave the nest with this whimsical set of 52 cards.  Full of tips, advice, and tasks to get your student ready for life on her own. The set allows you to work at your own pace. Some parents like to tackle one task per week for a full year leading up to the start of college. Others prefer to review them over the summer months before leaving for college. Whatever your timing, these handy cards are sure to make your student feel confident about branching off on his own in the fall. 

Survive & Revive:
A Holiday Guide

Do you look forward to the holidays, or do you panic with the thought of all that must be done? Getting organized is the key to managing a fantastic, stress-free season. Professional organizer and author, Sara Pedersen, has created a unique holiday planner designed to guide people through the process of thoughtful planning, deliberate delegation, focusing on simplicity, and slowing down to enjoy family and friends.

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